Picture L to R – Andy Sadler, Kevin Abbott, Greg Wilson, Colin Wales

The Head formed in 1978, are renowned for their collectable 1980 double A sided single featuring ‘Nothing to Do in a Town Like Leatherhead’.

First picture to left – L to R – Stewart Taylor, Kevin Abbott, Terry Bennett, Greg Wilson
Second picture to left – L to R – Terry Bennett, Kevin Abbott, Greg Wilson, Colin Wales

Derided both by Kenny Everett at the time, as a contender for the ‘World’s Worst Record’ and by Melody Maker as being “Beery cheer… and little else”, it is today a sought after classic. NtDiaTLL is coupled with the John Peel and Nicky Horne (London’s Capital Radio– Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It) favourite, ‘University ‘79’. Both songs released on Ellie Jay Records were recorded and produced by Ian Shaw, now an established record producer. Ian went on to enjoy chart success with amongst others Nick Heyward from Haircut 100. NtDiaTLL is now featured on both the CD and Vinyl versions of Gary Crowley’s Punk and New Wave compilation released in 2017.

The Head reformed in 2008 releasing the album ‘STILL Nothing to Do in a Town Like Leatherhead’, a compilation of old studio recordings on Detour Records, which included the second unreleased single ‘Middle Class Revolution’ and the lost Quarry Hanger sessions. This was followed by a second reformation in 2009, to promote the release of ‘Music for Intelligent People… and Morons!’ A 4 track EP of new recordings, featuring the brand new song ‘I’m Over It!’ and three Head classics never recorded back in the day, ‘The Answer is Not With Me’, ‘My Girlfriend Says’ and the old live favourite ‘No Way’.

The Head have now officially hung up their boots for good, however many of their classic songs can be found on the MadFish album ‘1979 The Story of Billy’.

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Still Nothing to Do In a Town Like Leatherhead


July 5, 2019



‘Nothing to Do In a Town Like Leatherhead’

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Music for Intelligent People… and Morons




July 5, 2019

‘Music for Intelligent People… and Morons!’

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